Community: Getting to Know You

Call for Community Input

Share Your Perspective

We’re committed to deepening our understanding of and relationship with our community. Please consider sharing your perspective and experiences to help us inform the work ahead. Here are a few questions, for starters:

  • What’s currently working in our classrooms and schools?
  • What groups or issues need more support?
  • What is the most important student outcome that you want to see improved?
  • What should we prioritize as we approach this work?
Click here to add your voice to the conversation!

Join Our Listening Campaign

What better way to share your story than through conversation? Over the last few months, our team has conducted more than 50 one-on-ones with parents, educators, and community allies throughout the West Contra Costa community. We continue to listen, and hope to reach at least 150 conversations by June of 2016.

Please reach out if you’re interested in sharing your story in person. We’d love the opportunity to schedule a conversation, tour your school with you, observe your classroom, attend an event in your community, and more!

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