How do I know my child is on track?

Through Grade Levels to Graduation

K-12: Promotion Through Grade Levels

Elementary School

WCCUSD promotes students to the next grade level based on report card grades, other measures of academic achievement, and additional factors. The Student Success Team (SST) reviews concerns about individual students, problem solves to support each child’s success, and involves parents in discussions about progress and placement. Retention is considered based on the following criteria:

  • Grade 1: Report card grades and reading performance on multiple district measures
  • Grades 2-3: Report card grades, SBAC results in English Language Arts, and reading performance on multiple district measures
  • Grades 4-6: Report card grades, SBAC results in English Language Arts and Math, and performance on multiple district measures
Middle School

Any middle school student who receives three or more semester Fs during a school year will be considered for grade failure by The Local Review Board, a team comprised of administrators at your child’s school. For struggling 6th and 8th graders specifically, the Local Review Board reviews first semester grades and performance on multiple measures in English and Math, develops a plan to help the student, and decides on one of the following four decision:

  • Retention (student repeats current grade level)
  • Mandatory Extended Learning Summer Program attendance
  • Promotion with provisions
  • Promotion with mandatory intervention requirements
High School

Students earn five credits for every passing semester grade, A to D. Students must earn the following minimum number of credits to be promoted to the next grade in high school, or graduate, if a senior:

  • To enter 10th grade, 55 minimum credits
  • To enter 11th grade, 110 minimum credits
  • To enter 12th grade, 165 minimum credits
  • To graduate (including passing required subjects), 225 minimum credits

Graduation: Diploma Requirements & College-Readiness

To graduate, a student must earn 225 credits, with a minimum number of credits in the subject areas listed below. To graduate with honors, a student must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA with no grade lower than a C as listed in the weighted ranked GPA printout at the end of the first semester of senior year.

  • English Language Arts: 40 credits
  • Math: 30 credits, including 10 credits in Algebra I or above
  • Science: 20 credits
  • Biological Science: 10 credits
  • Physical Science: 10 credits
  • Social Science: 40 credits
  • Cultural Geography: 10 credits
  • World History: 10 credits
  • U.S. History: 10 credits
  • Government: 5 credits
  • Economics: 5 credits
  • Physical Education: 20 credits
  • Fine Arts: 10 credits
  • World Language: 10 credits
  • Electives: 55 credits

Lastly, ensure that your child is taking the 15 required A-G courses that qualify him/her to attend the University of California or California State University systems. Not all high school classes count toward this requirement. Click here to see which classes at your child’s high school count towards A-G.

Additional Resources

Check out these additional tools to support your child, year-to-year, on his/her journey to college and career.


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