School Options: Intradistrict Transfers

A Guide to Open Enrollment

If you would like to send your child to another school within WCCUSD for the 2017-18 school year, you can apply for an intradistrict transfer during the open enrollment period in early 2017. This two-week application period usually takes place during February of each year. Transfer requests are subject to space availability at the requested school and requests must be renewed each year.

For parents of Kindergarten students or charter/private school students, you must first register your child at his/her WCCUSD neighborhood school before a transfer application can be processed. Click here to locate your neighborhood school.

What is the timeline for an intradistrict transfer?

Obtain the intradistrict transfer application in late January and submit it to the Transfer Office before the two-week window ends. WCCUSD will mail you an approval or denial of your transfer request in late May. If you’d like to appeal a denied request, submit a statement and provide a copy of your denial notice to the Transfer Office by mid-June. Exact dates will be announced by WCCUSD in January of 2017.

How do I obtain and submit an intradistrict transfer application?

Submit completed applications to the district Transfer Office. Individual schools do not accept transfer applications.

  1. Download and print the transfer application in English or Spanish from WCCUSD’s website, or pick up a copy at any school or the Transfer Office.
  2. Provide a PG&E, water or garbage bill with your application to verify your address. The bill must be in the parent’s or guardian’s name and cannot be older than 45 days.
  3. Completed application with supporting documents should be emailed, faxed or delivered in person to the Transfer Office.

To anticipate next year’s application, click here to view this year’s WCCUSD 2016-17 Open Enrollment Transfer Application in English or Spanish. Please note that these applications are no longer valid because the 2016-17 application period has closed.

For more information, contact the Transfer Office at (510) 307-4535. School staff can also assist you in filling out the intradistrict transfer application.
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