A Heartfelt Thank You

To Our Launch Advisory Committee

We’re grateful for our community’s guidance.

The following parents, educators, and community allies offered critical insight and support throughout our launch. Each one has graciously taken the time to learn about our mission, vision, and values; share meaningful input on our 2016 priorities; and help us spread the word about our work.

Thank you to those who’ve joined our efforts to ensure West Contra Costa students thrive:

  • Alton Nelson, Jr., Making Waves Academy
  • Caitlin Gallagher, WCCUSD
  • Eric Acosta-Verprauskus, WCCUSD Verde Elementary
  • Dr. Fatima Alleyne, WCC Parent
  • Rachel Ricker, WCCUSD Verde Elementary
  • Jaime Allardice, WCCUSD Nystrom Elementary
  • Jim Becker, Richmond Community Foundation
  • John Zabala, WCCUSD
  • Kevin Quintero, Students for Education Reform
  • Kimi Kean, Aspire Public Schools
  • Louis Schuster, Give Something Back, SkyLearn
  • Marcus Williams, Making Waves Academy
  • Marin Trujillo, WCCUSD Community Engagement Department
  • Melissa Filbin, WCCUSD Peres Elementary School
  • Mitch Flax, Leadership Public Schools
  • Mitzi Perez, Students for Education Reform
  • Natalie Fensterstock, Making Waves Academy
  • Raquel Antolin, Students for Education Reform
  • Tana Monteiro, Youth Enrichment Strategies
  • Valerie Jameson, Education Matters
  • Victoria Folks, Reach Institute for School Leadership
  • Yannell Selman, California Charter Schools Association
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