From the Desk of Natalie Walchuk

A Note from Our Executive Director

To Our West Contra Costa Community:

I am honored to have the privilege of becoming GO Public Schools West Contra Costa’s founding Executive Director.

It’s the realization of a dream of mine that emerged in 2000, while I was teaching 5th grade in Richmond: the dream that each and every child in West Contra Costa receive a high quality education, everyday. Although I was just a third year teacher at the time, I was already observing the classes around me to identify indicators of long-term success for students. I was talking with teachers in other local schools to replicate best practices. I have journeyed through public districts, parochial, and charter worlds over the last 16 years, searching for pathways to this goal. I realize now:

The path is in partnership among all schools and our community.

I’ve come to recognize that our system is comprised of an intricate network of amazing professionals in all types of schools – district-run, charter, parochial and private – who work tirelessly to deliver on the promise of a high quality education. As a mom and a practitioner, I know that we do not always succeed in this goal. Through a maze of obstacles and impediments, students can be lost and their lives forever altered.

I am joining the GO Public Schools West Contra Costa team to work alongside each of you towards eliminating these barriers, and to keep students always at the center of our minds and efforts. Together, I believe we can create an inclusive space where all stakeholders come to the table with honest stories and curious ears; to share worries, successes, and solutions; and to draw energy, urgency, and inspiration from a shared reservoir of commitment to doing what’s best for our children. With my team, I will strive to surface clear and accurate data to enable informed decision making.

Most importantly, I will work tirelessly for every child in every seat in every classroom.

In community,
Natalie Walchuk
Executive Director

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