What are Common Core & SBAC?

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What is the Common Core?


Common Core State Standards (CCSS), referred to as “Common Core” by most, are a set of guidelines for K-12 describing what students should know and be able to do in each subject at the end of each year. These standards were developed with input from teachers, parents and experts.

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What is Smarter Balanced?


Smarter Balanced is an untimed, computerized, end-of-year test your child will take that assesses what s/he has learned, according to the standards outlined in the Common Core (see above). Unlike the former California State Test, this test is adaptive, meaning the questions adapt to the student’s ability level as s/he is taking the test. Students take the Smarter Balanced assessment every year in 3rd-8th grades and again in 11th grade. Your child’s school will send you an individual report on your child’s performance.

How are WCCUSD and my child’s school doing on the SBAC?

The comparison below shows that our West Contra Costa students are struggling to keep pace. Click here to find out how your child’s school performed on the Smarter Balanced assessment.


Source: California Department of Education, SBAC Scores, Grades 3-8 & 11


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