Perspectives: Why Create GO WCC?

From Our Leadership Council

Over the last several months, a group of concerned educators and community members began coming together around the question, “What do we want for our children in West Contra Costa?” As a group of WCC natives, graduates of local schools, parents, grandparents, former classroom teachers, and school leaders — both district-run and charter — we gathered to share our stories and experiences. We reflected on all of the hard work and effort that goes into running our schools and the shared belief we have in our students’ potential.

We rejoiced in our community’s successes and explored the urgency and depth of its challenges. Together, we sought best practices in advocating for kids and their families.

Based on our discussions, we decided to reach out to GO Public Schools, a new statewide organization that supports communities like ours in advocating and organizing to improve public schools. After learning about GO’s values, strategies, and successes, we decided they would be a great addition to the West Contra Costa community.

We formed a partnership with GO, and have committed to serving as GO Public Schools West Contra Costa’s founding Leadership Council. Our top priority is to offer the organization insight and guidance in the best interest of our students and schools.

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