Findings from Our Superintendent Community Survey

Calling for Great Leadership

During public comment at the April 27th WCCUSD Board of Education meeting, we shared the findings from our Community Survey on the Next Superintendent with our school board members. Since early February, families, educators, students, and neighbors across West Contra Costa have been taking our survey and making their voices heard.

We want to make sure that you can access and make meaning of the data, too.

With 204 responses across more than 20 zipcodes in West Contra Costa and its surrounding areas, our survey findings provide a snapshot of perspectives within our current reach. We know, however, there are countless perspectives that were not captured, and will continue to connect with community members across West Contra Costa to seek understanding.

Access the full presentation of our survey findings in English or Spanish.
Access a compilation of comments and questions regarding our next superintendent, sourced from the survey.

Check out some of the slides below to get a sense of who took our survey, how our public schools in West Contra Costa are perceived by different regions and subgroups within the education community, in addition to the kinds of questions we asked survey respondents to reflect on.



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