8/10 Highlights: Campaign Contribution Limits

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s August 10th Meeting!

At his first Board of Education meeting on August 10, our school district’s new Superintendent Matthew Duffy introduced Resolution No. 19-1617 for open discussion between our school board and community members. In addition, the board approved several consent items, including the College & Career Access Pathways Agreement, which creates opportunities for high school students to enroll in college classes at Contra Costa Community College.

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Ongoing discussion on limiting campaign contributions to candidates for WCCUSD’s school board

Superintendent Matt Duffy introduced a public discussion about Resolution No. 19-1617, a proposal that would place a $1,000 limit on individual campaign contributions to candidates running for WCCUSD school board, in an attempt to “limit the influence of corporations on America’s electoral system, both nationally and locally”.

Duffy introduced Attorney Harold Freiman to the board to present and explain the details of the resolution. Attorney Freiman had previously worked alongside the Governance Subcommittee — consisting of board members Valerie Cuevas and Todd Groves — to draft the proposal.

Four members of the community shared their perspectives at the August 10th meeting. Three expressed opposition to the resolution. One stated, “individual contributions aren’t the question here.”

Board members Valerie Cuevas and Liz Block expressed interest in moving forward with the proposal, while board member Todd Groves stated that the proposal would “limit the ability for certain individuals to get their voices out.”

Both board and community members recognized that the resolution does not limit independent expenditures. In other words, though the proposal prevents direct contributions of more than $1,000 from individuals, it does not prevent individuals from raising funds to support or defeat school board candidates. Board president Randall Enos remarked, “What constitutes as fair competition?”

After much deliberation, our school board members determined the need for more data from the state and surrounding districts on this issue. The resolution will now go back to the Governance Subcommittee for further research and refinement.

Click here to view Resolution No. 19-1617.

College & Career Access Pathways Agreement is approved

The College and Career Access Pathway (CCAP), a dual-enrollment opportunity for our high school students, was introduced during the July 20th meeting. The CCAP formalizes a partnership between WCCUSD and Contra Costa Community College (CCC) that allows our high school students to enroll in college classes. At that time, board members requested information about data collection, student outcomes, professional development meetings for teachers, remedial courses, placement, and assessment.

During the August 10th meeting, the board approved the CCAP as a consent item.

Click here to view WCCUSD’s partnership agreement with Contra Costa Community College.

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