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Tools You Need to Plug In & Speak Up

What is a school board and what does it do?

A school board is a local group of elected individuals that works with its community to improve its public schools. Our school board’s primary responsibilities are to ensure students get the best education possible; hire and evaluate the superintendent; and develop and adopt policy, curriculum, and the budget.

How do I reach WCCUSD school board members?

WCCUSD’s five board members, listed below, are elected by voters like you for a four-year term. Board elections take place in November, every other year. The board elects its president and clerk annually in December.

Liz Block, Board President
elizabeth.block@wccusd.net | (510) 685-3635

Valerie Cuevas, Board Clerk
valerie.cuevas@wccusd.net | (510) 231-1101

Madeline Kronenberg
mkronen@aol.com | (510) 334-9646

Tom Panas
tom.panas@wccusd.net | (510) 480-1601

Mister Phillips
mister.phillips@wccusd.net | (510) 307-7872

How do I speak at a WCCUSD school board meeting?

WCCUSD’s school board meetings take place at 6:30PM in Lovonya DeJean Middle School’s Multipurpose Room (3400 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond), on the dates specified in the district’s 2015-16 meeting schedule. Past and upcoming meeting agendas are posted online, the Friday before each regular meeting.

Half an hour is set aside for public comment during each school board meeting. Prior to the time for public comment, fill out a speaker card — the “WCCUSD Public Comment” form — which you’ll find on the table next to the auditorium entryway. You’ll have exactly 2 minutes to share your story with the board. Here are some tips for preparing and delivering your message:

  • Share your stance on the issue with clear supporting reasons
  • Recommend a solution
  • Practice your speech beforehand, but don’t worry about memorizing it
  • Print your speech in a large font for easy reading
  • Deliver your speech in a strong and respectful voice
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