1/4 Highlights: LCAP Goals 2-4 Update

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s January 4th Meeting!

At the January 4th Board of Education meeting, our school board discussed the proposal for a new Mandarin Immersion program. Our Board also discussed updates to the 2016-2017 Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals focused on professional development, community engagement, and supporting English Language Learners.

To explore the full meeting agenda and minutes, click here.
F.1. Dual Immersion Program
At the 12/17 Board meeting, the Board approved the expansion of Dual Immersion programs in the District including a new mandarin immersion program. Tonight we heard more details about the proposed Mandarin Immersion program.
  • Staffing costs would be the same regardless of location unless an “existing school” was converted to Mandarin  (approximately $600,000)
  • Startup costs for supplies, instructional materials, etc. would come out of one-time fund balance as approved in December (approximately $200,000)
  • Playground and outdoor community space improvements would be paid through MRAD (approximately $200,000)
  • Facilities costs at Portola are minimal.  The projected cost to modify/improve existing portables would be covered by developer fees (approximately $200,000)
  • Bond funds would NOT be used for this project with the exception of funds ultimately needed to co-locate Wilson ES, i.e. PGE service upgrades; replacing portables that were removed for other district purposes
No action was taken by the Board.

Click here to view the ‘Language Immersion in WCCUSD’ presentation.
E.1. LCAP Goal 2, 3, and 4 Update
Staff gave an update on LCAP Goals 2, 3, and 4.
  • LCAP Goal 2: Improve instructional practice through professional development and professional learning communities at schools and recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and principals.
  • LCAP Goal 3: Increase parent and community engagement, involvement, and satisfaction.
  • LCAP Goal 4: Improve student engagement and climate outcomes, and allocate services to English Learner (EL) and Low Income (LI) students.
Ms. Cuevas questioned staff if hitting the mark on systemic goals and the relationship to student learning to which Ms. Rashidchi responded. The group discussed parent engagement, community partner support, transparency and outreach. Mr. Phillips requested the union provide feedback on Goal 2. Mr. Gonzalez from UTR provided his perspective based on feedback from the teaching community. Mr. Panas thanked staff for their report and the audience for their participation. He commented on the length of time it takes to receive data and suggested a separate Board session to look deeper into the LCAP numbers. Ms. Kronenberg also thanked staff for their presentation and agreed an LCAP study session was needed. She also agreed that an elementary and secondary teacher should be included on the LCAP committee. President Block stated her appreciation of the presentation and enthusiasm of the presenters. She would also like a Board study session for LCAP.

Click here to view the LCAP Goal Overview presentation.

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