West Contra Costa Kids Can 2016 Report

First Annual Report features findings on students' Pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade performance

Click here to access the report and resource hub for specific data points, quick stats, and more tools.

Our first annual student progress report features findings on our youth’s Pre-Kindergarten – 12th Grade outcomes. The report looks at specific moments across our students’ journeys from early childhood through adolescence into adulthood, examining progress “from cradle to career.”

The goals of the report, which focuses on data from WCCUSD schools and 12 local charter schools, are to:

  • Provide baseline measures about the performance & progress of our students & schools
  • Inspire alignment, action, and data-driven decision-making in support of all students
  • Highlight the need to prioritize resources and access to educational opportunities for our historically underserved youth (low income students, students of color, English Learners)

Please use this report as a tool to support our new superintendent, school board members, and teacher’s union to shape plans and allocate resources in the 2017-18 school year budget to effectively serve West Contra Costa students.

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