What is the Data in Action campaign?

Over the course of the past year, GO WCC has worked in partnership with nearly 200 families, educators, elected leaders, and community-based organizations to identify policy recommendations to improve outcomes for students throughout our district. 

This work led to the creation of the Data in Action Campaign, which calls on the district to improve the use of data to inform investments and interventions for students. In the long term, the campaign seeks to:

  • Expand access to early education opportunities;
  • Provide all students rigorous college and career-prep courses and instruction; and
  • Improve school climate so that students feel supported, safe, and engaged in school, rather than pushed out.

In the short term the campaign calls on district leaders to partner with our parent leaders to develop and adopt a set of standards and practices together over the summer to transform the way that student data is gathered, shared, and used in WCCUSD.

The campaign aims to support and impact all students; it lifts up African American student outcomes in particular as an important way to measure progress. We are committed to all vulnerable student populations such as low-income students, students of color, and English Learners.

The campaign builds on the work of our partners, BlackBoard of West Contra Costa and Education Trust – West’s Black Minds Matter report as well as research on the current actions and services within the district and successful programming from around the state and country.

Recent Updates
Campaign Study Team Members:

Dr. Fatima Alleyne, Educational Advocacy Consultant, Center for Restorative Solutions / CCCOE Board of Education Trustee

Elliett Alomar, Community Member

Sasha Graham, Parent, WCCUSD

Dr. Shantina Jackson, community member

Maribel Lopez, Director of Community Leadership, GO Public Schools West Contra Costa

Tom Panas, WCCUSD Board Trustee

Richard Pelayo, Managing Director, GO Public Schools West Contra Costa

Jessica Rodriguez, Program Manager, The Richmond Promise

LaShante Smith, School Psychologist, WCCUSD

Scottie Smith, Black Board

Natalie Walchuk, Executive Director, GO Public Schools West Contra Costa

John Zabala, School Psychologist, WCCUSD

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