4/26 Highlights: Preview of 2017-18 LCAP

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s April 26th Board of Education Meeting!

At the April 26th meeting, our school board members were presented with the latest version of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.  In addition, Hercules High School was honored for its success supporting students to complete applications for college financial aid, and board members heard from community members on LPS Richmond’s charter petition renewal for 2017-2022.

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Agenda Item E.4
2017-18 LCAP Preview

Ms. Joyner presented information on the progress of the 17-18 LCAP Draft and provided a comparison highlighting the differences between the 16-17 and 17-18 LCAP.

Superintendent Duffy added comments on the number of local indicators and focus on state indicators and state scoring.

Ms. Cuevas questioned the dashboards as a tool and reasoning for alignment, but questioned targets and expectations. Ms. Joyner offered her insight on reporting numbers built into the reports and timelines.

Mr. Phillips questioned if employee training referenced in the presentation included implicit bias training. Ms. Rashidchi responded that it had not been done in the past but is a current focus area. She listed some of the other trainings that have been done around equity over the past few years. Superintendent Duffy commented that it shows up within other trainings. Mr. Phillips commented on what he’s heard regarding lack of employee training and classroom management. Ms. Rashidchi responded and explained challenges.

President Block commented on degree and depth of trainings and follow-up.

Superintendent Duffy addressed the strategic thinking needed to allow sites the flexibility to decide trainings needed as a one size mandatory annual or semi-annual training for all 54 sites may not be the best.

Ms. Rashidchi provided information on reorganization, coaching, training, and strategic use of limited resources.

Ms. Cuevas questioned strategic investment and how to best maximize time being mindful of a need versus a resource.

Discussion continued on future training and embedded support of site staff. Mr. Panas offered his opinion on targets, measures of success, the need for data and need to make informed decisions.

Mr. Panas also stated equity needs to drive the LCAP. He and Ms. Gamba discussed weighted formula which Ms. Gamba offered to share her information with him. He went on to list out items of change he would like to see in the LCAP template.

Ms. Joyner responded to many of Mr. Panas’ questions relating to the LCAP draft.

Ms. Gamba weighed in on the transparency of funds included in the LCAP and can be found in the Citizen Transparency Tool.

Agenda Item C.2
Financial Aid Cup Winner

Joel Mackey congratulated the district on having a FASFA completion rate of 68% noting the national average is 48%. He stated this was the fifth year the districts completion rate was above 60%. Veli Walker, Ed Fund Program Director, awarded the Financial Aid Cup to Hercules High School along with a $500 check. She congratulated Counselors Molly Couto and Eric Medeiros and all of the Hercules staff and students. The Board came to the floor and congratulated those present.

Agenda Item E.1
Initial Public Hearing for a Renewal to the Leadership Public Schools, Richmond Charter Petition

Dr. Delgado noted that LPS Richmond was founded in 2003, and most recently renewed for a term from 2012 through 2017 noting that if the board elects to grant the renewal, the term of the charter would begin on July 1, 2017 and expire on June 30, 2022.

Ms. Shawnn Benjamin, Principal LPS Richmond, presented information on their growth, successes, challenges and priorities over the past few years. Sofia Thomas offered information on their RTI program. Tanyka Avington, alumni of LPS and working as paraprofessional at LPS and discussed their college-going culture, and Daniela Felix, alumni and instructional support for alumnae, provided information on LPS summer experiences. Superintendent Louise Waters expressed appreciation of their partnership with the district and community and hopes to renew their Charter Petition.

Ms. Kronenberg questioned their relationship with Greenwood Academy and any collaborations they may be working on. Principal Benjamin responded that the relationship is strong but they weren’t collaborating on any programs.

Mr. Panas thanked for information presented and collaboration with Montalvin. He asked several questions requesting additional detail relating to various information provided throughout their presentation which both Principal Benjamin and Superintendent Waters responded to.

Ms. Cuevas asked a follow-up question on the number of Special Ed students, enrollment priorities and areas, and math improvement.

President Block had questions relating to math and increasing student achievement, collaboration, and student conferences.

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