Follow the impact of WCCUSD’s 2017-18 LCAP

Our school board members approved WCCUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Check out the district’s live Tweets of important moments from the board meeting.

Why does it matter? LCAP is an annual school district plan that directly impacts our students’ progress and success. Districts must create the LCAP with input from families, educators, employees, and the wider community. LCAP describes the overall vision for students, annual goals, and specific actions / services planned to meet goals.

Our community’s historically underserved students (like English Learners, foster youth, low-income students) deserve a quality education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life. Based on enrollment rates of these student groups, our state provides districts with extra funds each year. The LCAP is important because it requires districts to show how the extra money is used to improve all of our students’ outcomes.

2017-18 LCAP: Click here to see plans for next school year.

You’ll see how funds are spent to meet WCCUSD’s overall goals and details like:

Last Year’s LCAP: Click below for a summary of 2016-17. 

See WCCUSD’s full infographic summary of last year’s LCAP (en Español).

As a living document, the LCAP will continue to be edited and updated. Like any plan, the LCAP is only as strong as its implementation and monitoring. We are excited to support district leaders and community members to assess the effectiveness of strategies / actions outlined in our LCAP and adjust as needed to best support students.

How can I stay connected to the LCAP’s impact? Below are a few ways you can follow the implementation and impact of our district’s plans for next school year.

  • Attend your child’s School Site Council meetings to hear ongoing school-based updates on student achievement and LCAP implementation.
  • Attend WCCUSD board meetings to engage with ongoing reports about how our students are doing and share perspectives with elected district leaders.
  • Bookmark WCCUSD’s Accountability & Assessment hub for the latest on assessment, data, and LCAP — or subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Review WCCUSD’s Data Dashboards for ongoing data about enrollment, student outcomes, school climate, student engagement, parent engagement, and more.
  • Subscribe to LCAP Watch for news about LCAPs from districts across California.
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