6/14 Highlights: Data in Action

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s 6/14 Board of Education meeting!

At the 6/14 board meeting, our board members were presented with plans regarding the budget and LCAP for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. There was also a public hearing regarding Invictus Academy’s charter petition. The board honored Pride Month with a resolution against bullying, discrimination and prejudice faced by LGBTQ youth in our community.

GO Family Leaders, students, and supporters from our network joined us to take action and ask for partnership from our WCCUSD leaders. They asked our board members to work together with them over the summer to develop and adopt a set of standards and practices to transform the way that student data is gathered, shared, and used to make strong decisions in service of strong outcomes for our students.  

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Agenda Item E.1
Budget for 2017-18 Public Hearing

Ms. Gamba asked the President to open a public hearing in connection with the LCAP presentation. She detailed budget development factors, multi-year projections, and the development of the 2017-18 adopted budget. President Block opened the public hearing.

Mr. Panas commended Ms. Gamba for the way in which budget information is communicated to the public for better transparency. He offered his opinion that the Superintendent should provide a balanced budget for the Board’s consideration. He remarked about the high fund balance from the infusion of one time money and would like to see an analysis of one-time funds and restricted funds. He had additional remarks about the informative appendices. Ms. Gamba provided information about changes in school districts and shifting thinking about budgeting. Mr. Panas concluded by wondering about balanced budget projections through 2020-2022 and FCMAT consultation. Ms. Gamba shared information about the 45- day revision, the Board’s priorities, and balancing the 2018-2019 budget. She said the FCMAT teams have much more urgent areas in the state to attend to and this is not a district needing attention at this time.

Mr. Phillips paraphrased a quote from Delaine Easton about budgets being statements of priorities. He spoke about his priorities regarding the need for assistant principals at schools sites and class size reduction for secondary classes. He also spoke about counselor staffing allocations, teacher retention and salary increases, and budget cuts to programs. Ms. Gamba provided clarification regarding counselor allocation funding.

Ms. Cuevas spoke about informed decisions based on facts and guidance allowed to staff in making decisions. Ms. Gamba spoke about the budget parameters provided to the Board over several presentations and changes made from Board recommendations dealing with a multi-year plan.

Superintendent Duffy responded that the Board could not have it both ways. Staff is trying to follow Board direction to review contracts determining appropriate spending while finding places to save funds. Mr. Mount-Benites spoke about staff budget development resulting from Board consensus and direction determined through study sessions.

Further Board discussion continued about cutting of programs. President Block closed the public hearing.

Agenda Item E.2
2017-18 LCAP Public Hearing

Ms. Rashidchi presented information as a reminder of the work done this year and stakeholder feedback on successes and failures, accelerating student outcomes and accessible data. President Block opened the public hearing.

Ms. Kronenberg had questions about the 2017-18 interactive LCAP, base funding and concentration of supplemental funds. Staff provided clarification.

Mr. Phillips asked about specific foster youth indicated in the LCAP goals. Ms. Gamba responded that the information was referenced in the goals section of the plan. Mr. Phillips continued with questions regarding dual immersion services. Ms. Gamba explained the matriculation schools of Washington, Korematsu and Kennedy and services noted for families. Mr. Phillips continued with additional questions. Ms. Sonja Neely-Johnson provided information about Read 180 data outcomes. Board members continued with questions and remarks. President Block closed the public comment.

Agenda Item F.8
Resolution No. 94-1617: LGBTQ Pride Month

Communications Director Marcus Walton introduced District employees Te’Hara Wade and Doug Marques, and community member Cesar Zepeda, who shared experiences as an LGBTQ individuals. They also shared in reading Resolution No. 94- 1617 into the record, advocating and promoting inclusive and respectful treatment for all.

Board member Kronenberg moved approval of Resolution No. 94-1617: LGBTQ Pride Month. Mr. Panas seconded. Ms. Cuevas, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Panas, Mr. Phillips, Student Representatives Zunarah Ahmad and Samuel Solis (advisory vote only) and President Block voted yes, with no abstentions and no absences. Motion carried 5-0-0-0. Passed with a motion by Madeline Kronenberg and a second by Tom Panas.

Agenda Item F.1
Approval for Math Textbook Adoption 6th-8th Grade and Algebra I

District staff members Katie VonHusen, Math Coordinator, introduced staff who piloted the textbook adoption. The team included Chris Roeske, Ryan Shaw, Jeannie Williams, and Priya Sembi who shared the criteria used to evaluate and determine the appropriate textbook recommendations. United Teachers of Richmond President Demetrio Gonzalez read remarks by another staff member who could not stay due to the lateness of the hour. Staff recommended adoption.

Mr. Phillips moved to approve the Math Textbook Adoption 6th-8th grade and Algebra I. Ms. Kronenberg seconded. Ms. Cuevas, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Panas, Mr. Phillips, and President Block voted yes, with no abstentions and no absences. Motion carried 5-0-0-0. Passed with a motion by Mister Phillips and a second by Madeline Kronenberg.

Agenda Item E.4
Initial Public Hearing for Invictus Academy of Richmond

Dr. Delgado introduced Executive Director Gautam Thapar who provided information regarding the Invictus Academy charter petition. President Block opened the public hearing. Board members had various questions for district staff and Invictus Academy staff. Dr. Delgado detailed the timeline of July 19, 2017 as the date for the Board’s decision on the petition.

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