6/28 Highlights: WCCUSD 2022 Roadmap

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s June 28th Board of Education Meeting!

At this meeting, our board members heard from Superintendent Matt Duffy about the district’s Roadmap 2022 plan. The board also approved next year’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and budget. Lastly, the board approved a resolution for Washington Elementary to become a full Dual Immersion Program school in 2018-19.

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Agenda Item F.1
WCCUSD Roadmap to 2022

Superintendent Duffy presented the District Roadmap built on this year’s feedback from multiple stakeholder organizations to move the District towards its top six goals by aligning strategies. A common theme was that of building a culture of learning and being learner centered.

Mr. Phillips wanted to hear more about the principal internship plan. Superintendent Duffy explained his vision on “learning leaders” and principal mentorships. Mr. Phillips asked for specifics on participants programs and how the programs would be monitored. Superintendent Duffy explained positons are non-evaluative and emphasized program participants were all volunteers. Mr. Phillips stated he was looking forward to seeing his presentation on the reclassification campaign. Superintendent Duffy reiterated looking at three community campaigns and explained what they were. Mr. Phillips commented on a perceived disconnect around programs for African Americans and cautioned to be sure messaging is clear. Ms. Kronenberg followed up on principal evaluations and how evaluations are done to ensure the success of learning leaders. Superintendent Duffy explained and discussed the need to “try things”. Ms. Kronenberg asked about measurements shown and Superintendent Duffy spoke about looking to do this through what is shown in the LCAP.

Ms. Cuevas questioned targets to reach goals and wanted additional information on how this would align to the LCAP process. Superintendent Duffy stated there was still work to do to align the two. Ms. Rashidchi explained measurements within the LCAP actions and how other programs align.

President Block wanted to consider backwards mapping to gauge improvement and wanted to look at each student’s tests to analyze data. Superintendent Duffy stated the District has already begun this work.

Agenda Item G.1
2017-18 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Adoption

Mr. Panas thanked staff for the new version of the document. He questioned the last action item and why base dollars are missing. Ms. Joyner replied the County asked it to be removed as it is not an official action or service. Mr. Panas then commented on the DLCAP process and why the committee didn’t provide a recommendation. Superintendent Duffy thought there were questions around the role of the committee and asked for clarity from the Board and suggested a discussion be agendized for a future meeting.

Ms. Cuevas provided her thoughts on the Board’s role to decide how money was spent, but does support the community engagement and feedback so the Board can make informed decisions.

Ms. Kronenberg stated in the past the committee chair brought a consensus of what the committee recommended and said they didn’t get to that point this year and should try to resume that practice.

Mr. Phillips appreciated Foster Youth being added to the goals and would like to see a Foster Youth representative on the committee which may or may not also be a parent.

President Block stated the committee has made progress but there was room for improvement and felt members should be reminded of the parameters of the committee.

Mr. Panas asked for discussion on the evaluation section as he didn’t believe data supported some of the ratings. President Block agreed. Ms. Rashidchi stated it was not part of the discussion but an added resource. Mr. Panas was appreciative of the data but wanted to be cautious when providing ratings.

Ms. Cuevas asked if the District had a program evaluator. Superintendent Duffy said it does not. Ms. Cuevas would like to consider hiring one going forward. Ms. Rashidchi commented on personnel additions approved through re-organizations. Superintendent Duffy suggested a presentation in the fall around data used within the District.

Motion Passed: Mr. Panas moved to approve of the 2017-18 LCAP Adoption. Ms. Kronenberg seconded. Ms. Cuevas, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Panas, Mr. Phillips, and President Block voted yes, with no abstentions and no absences. Motion carried 5-0-0-0. Passed with a motion by Tom Panas and a second by Madeline Kronenberg.

Agenda Item G.2
2017-18 Budget Adoption

Ms. Gamba advised the District budget was presented at the June 14, 2017 Board meeting. She noted the Governor had just approved the State budget and explained how that will reflect on the 45-day budget revision which is a revision of revenues, not expenditures.

Mr. Panas wondered if adjustment information would be available prior to the 45-day revision. Ms. Gamba advised that information could be provided in a Friday Board letter. She explained the revision required Board action. Mr. Panas asked if alternatives to a balanced budget could be brought back. Ms. Gamba explained her thoughts on Board action and time frame to study in order to provide direction to staff. She explained the District is not supposed to have a large fund balance and it would be up to the Board to discuss and manage the structural deficit which would
take several meetings. She noted one-time monies were called out in the Executive Summary but staff would need to gather one-time expenses.

Mr. Phillips asked if study or budget sessions would be the appropriate place to discuss cuts. Ms. Gamba stated yes or during discussion at a regular Board meeting. Mr. Phillips stated he liked the addition of Assistant Principals but did not see all of this priorities listed.

Ms. Kronenberg thanked Ms. Gamba for the current and all past budgets that she had pulled together.

Motion Passed: Ms. Kronenberg moved to approve the Budget for 2017-2018. Mr. Panas seconded. Ms. Cuevas, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Panas, and President Block voted yes, Mr. Phillips voted no, with no abstentions. Motion carried 4-1-0-0. Passed with a motion by Madeline Kronenberg and a second by Tom Panas.

Agenda Item G.6
Spanish-Language Dual Immersion at Washington Elementary

Superintendent Duffy presented his resolution to ensure clarity of the intent of the dual emersion plan at Washington Elementary. He stated that starting in the 2018-2019 school year, Washington Elementary School will become a full Dual Immersion school and that all Kindergarten classes in the 2018-2019 school year will be Dual Immersion and that the single remaining English speaking Kindergarten will be dissolved.

Mr. Phillips thanked President Block and Superintendent Duffy for adding this item for discussion. He then expressed concern over converting Washington to a whole language school as it ceases to become a community school where not everyone in the community would then be able to attend. He stated his intent is to ensure community schools are open to all within that community Ms. Kronenberg asked Superintendent Duffy to respond to Ms. Reckler’s questions. Questions were provided in writing and Superintendent Duffy responded.

Ms. Gamba explained demographics, residence population, and noted half choosing to enroll from other areas of the district. Mr. Panas supported Ms. Gamba’s comments.

President Block stated she saw her role to assist the community in providing what they want now and will vote to approve.

Motion Passed: Mr. Panas moved approval of Dual Immersion at Washington Elementary. Ms. Kronenberg seconded. Ms. Cuevas, Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Panas, and President Block voted yes, Mr. Phillips voted no, with no abstentions. Motion carried 4-1-0-0. Passed with a motion by Tom Panas and a second by Madeline Kronenberg.

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