8/23 Highlights: Updated WCCUSD 2022 Roadmap

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s August 23rd Board of Education meeting!

This week, our board members were presented with an updated version of the district’s Roadmap to 2022.

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Agenda Item F.2
WCCUSD Roadmap to 2022

Superintendent Duffy shared information about setting direction for the future, building capacity and accountability. Three goals were highlighted to drive the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP): Achieving Students, Engaged Communities, and Invested Employees. Superintendent Duffy sought feedback about the Board adopting the plan. He concluded with information regarding upcoming community campaigns to kick off the initiatives to engage the community.

Mr. Phillips asked about driving the LCAP. Superintendent Duffy detailed about the broader target for defining the 39 actions and services of the LCAP goals. Mr. Phillips made remarks about accomplishing the LCAP goals. He continued with remarks about invested employees through compensation and bolstering leadership with professional development. Mr. Phillips had additional observations about the type of services provided to ELD students also needed by African American students. Mr. Phillips cautioned not putting sites in situations where they are expected to resolve issues without adequate funding.

Ms. Kronenberg spoke in support of the roadmap and making it a dashboard for the public to see how each of the strategies are working. This would allow the public to see how the strategies are measured. She also spoke in support of addressing employee compensation as a resource decision, as well as investments in the various pilots at schools.

Ms. Cuevas agreed with Ms. Kronenberg about communication making information available for accountability. She spoke about challenging each other with supports to achieve change. She said the Roadmap is the tool for Superintendent’s Reports going forward. She talked about the investment to the community to hear the Board’s value statements about changing culture and empowering school sites for change.

Mr. Panas commended the Superintendent for developing this document for an expanded view. He said he would like more detail and specificity. Mr. Panas suggested statements about measuring outcomes to enhance transparency.

President Block agreed that many students need ELD services with teachers trained for this work. Ms. Rashidchi and Mr. Collins provided information regarding services provided for students. President Block had additional remarks about A-G university requirements with awareness beginning in the fifth grade. She concluded by saying overall she liked the Roadmap.

Mr. Chris Mount-Benites spoke about strategic documents in line with Board and Superintendent direction in order to align staff actions.

Mr. Phillips recommended including a forth element of school safety and climate.

Agenda Item F.3
Governance Subcommittee Recommendations for Board Committee Structure for 2017-2018

Ms. Cuevas provided background from the Governance Subcommittee’s review of the Board committee structure to enable the Board to work more efficiently. Mr. Panas described the Board committee list and its development, keeping in mind how to organize committees for best results for students.

Ms. Kronenberg spoke about other school boards in California and suggested it would be helpful to approach committees in the same way as approaching budgeting and not assume continuing the way it has always been was best. For example, consider whether a committee is effective and what the costs are. She spoke about the 2009 MGT report and its recommendation regarding reducing to three committees including budget/finance/facilities, policy, strategic planning and accountability. She said there are other ways to look at this and appreciated the
work of the Governance Committee.

Superintendent Duffy shared information about the five Board committees, each operating differently with Board leadership and added staff support. He favored evaluating the purpose of Board committees.

Board members continued discussion including elements of community input, Board function at a deeper level, policymaking committees, legally required committees, and challenges of staffing.

President Block recommended further discussion in more detail at a future study session. Board members agreed to assign to another opportunity for discussion.

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