We’ve moved to a new office!

Our team just moved to Artisan Cove in Richmond after spending the last year and a half at Market Square Mall in Downtown Richmond not far from our new space.

The new office helps us to better meet the needs of community members and partners, and ultimately, to be effective in service of West Contra Costa students and families. The first floor — which includes a wheelchair-friendly bathroom and main entrance — will accommodate our growing Family Leaders Program sessions and other community gatherings. The new space allows us to continue to provide childcare for family visitors, and also to host multiple meetings at once across rooms.

Click here to see more pictures of our new space!

Thanks for making our last home so special. Time and again, many of you showed up in person as partners in everything from family organizing meetings and coalition gatherings to one-on-one conversations and walk-and-talks.

We welcome you to stop by if you’re in the area as we settle in over the next few weeks and we look forward to showing you around!

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