10/18 Highlights: GO’s Strategic Use of Data Resolution

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Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s October 18th Board of Education meeting!

This week, our board members are being recommended to approve GO‘s Strategic Use of Data Resolution and a Resolution in Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The Board is also scheduled to discuss next steps on providing workforce housing to educators.

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1. Motion on Strategic Use of Data Resolution

Consent Item D.7. At the last Board of Education meeting, board members discussed our Data Resolution, focused on how data should be used strategically to inform decisions about programs and resources to improve outcomes for all students in our community. Family Leaders submitted the Resolution for consideration during public comment at the September 20th board meeting and spent the summer working in partnership with district leaders to co-construct this shared vision for data systems and practices.

“This resolution affirms the Board‘s commitment to review benchmark data and other measures of informative assessment. It establishes a commitment to public and transparent data access.”

Our board members are scheduled to approve the Resolution in the consent agenda. District staff has recommended approval with four changes to the original document. The Board may approve the Resolution with or without the recommended changes.

  • Click here to see the Data Policy Resolution.
  • Click here to see district staff’s four recommended edits to the Resolution.
  • Click here to learn more about our Data in Action campaign that led to this point, and why data matters to the success of all students and schools.
2. Motion on Resolution to Recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Consent Item D.8. A resolution has been developed to make the second Monday of October Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The Resolution also includes a commitment to training and resources for educators to teach about the history, struggles, and accomplishments of Indigenous Peoples. Our board members are being recommended by District staff to approve the Resolution in the consent agenda.

  • Click here for to see the Resolution in Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

25 years ago, Berkeley became the first city in the country to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Read more about how Berkeley recognizes this important day. 

3. Workforce Housing

Discussion Item F.1. Our board members are scheduled to discuss the potential of exploring District-provided workforce housing to educators. On September 19, 2017, information regarding workforce housing was presented to the Facilities Subcommittee for input. The Facilities Subcommittee supported further efforts on this topic and requested that it be taken up by the full board in order to receive direction on next steps. At this meeting, District staff are looking for direction from the board on next steps.

“A possible next step would be for the District to issue a Request for Qualifications / Proposals for a Feasibility Study to review the options and assist the District in charting the way through the possibility of utilizing unused district property for the purpose of workforce housing.”

Why does workforce / teacher housing matter? The skyrocketing cost of housing and low salaries for teachers make it incredibly challenging to recruit and retain high quality educators. Districts across the Bay Area have begun to try to support teacher housing. Read more about teaching housing in urban districts.

  • Click here to see the Workforce Housing presentation.
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