10/4 Highlights: Dual Immersion and K-8 Schools

Click here to see WCCUSD’s minutes from this meeting.

Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s October 4th Board of Education meeting!

This week, our board members are scheduled to: hear a presentation on our students’ 2016-17 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) English and Math outcomes; discuss the Data Policy Resolution submitted by GO Family Leaders at the last board meeting; discuss Dual Language Immersion in our District; and discuss a K-8 schools initiative.

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1. Discussion on Strategic Use of Data Resolution

Discussion Item F.4. Our board members are scheduled to discuss GO Family Leaders’ proposed Policy Resolution on how data should be used strategically in our District to inform decisions about programs and resources to improve outcomes for all students in our community. Family Leaders submitted the Resolution for consideration during public comment at the last boardmeeting and spent the summer working in partnership with board members to co-construct this shared vision for data systems and practices.

​2. Preliminary 2016-17 SBAC Results 

Discussion Item F.1. Our board members are scheduled to hear a presentation on our students’ 2016-17 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) results.

Why does SBAC matter? The annual SBAC outcomes in English and Math matter because they help us collectively understand and monitor our students’ progress to being ready for success in college and career. SBAC outcomes are one among many meaningful indicators of student learning, and provide critical information to guide district staff, educators, school leaders, and community members in making informed decisions to improve our students’ results.

  • Click here to see the 2016-17 SBAC Results Presentation.
  • See below WCCUSD’s chart showing the rate of students meeting / exceeding English and Math standards at each of our schools, in addition to growth or decline since last year.
3. Dual Language Immersion Expansion

Discussion Item F.2. Our board is scheduled to hear from Superintendent Matt Duffy on the process through which new options for Dual Language Immersion programs are explored in our District. The presentation also includes a discussion on the West County Mandarin School and the criteria that will be used to locate a long-term location for the school.

  • Click here to see the Dual Language Immersion Presentation.
  • See below a slide excerpted from the presentation showing an example of student outcomes at Washington Elementary, comparing early literacy performance between students in Dual Immersion versus those learning in English-only.


4. WCCUSD K-8 Expansion

Discussion Item F.3. District staff are scheduled lead a discussion with board members regarding K-8 schools. Topics will include the reasons why K-8 schools are beneficial, the process to determine high quality school candidates (taking into account factors such as facilities, academic performance, culture / climate, staff retention), the proposed timeline for the selection process of K-8 schools in our District, and other programmatic considerations.

See below an excerpt from the WCCUSD board meeting agenda on the benefits of K-8 schools:

Why K-8 Schools?

  • To increase academic outcomes for our students
  • To improve safety, climate and positive school culture for our students
  • To provide new school options and opportunities for our families
  • To allow more continuity for students and families in their educational experience
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