Action Alert: Data Policy Resolution at Tonight’s WCCUSD Board Meeting

Data in Action and 2016-17 SBAC Results Presentation

ACTION ALERT // Tune into our Facebook tonight. We’ll broadcast our school boards’ live discussion of these key topics.

[ALERT #1] 

At tonight’s WCCUSD Board of Education meeting, our school board and district leaders are scheduled to discuss GO Family Leaders’ proposed Policy Resolution on how data should be used strategically to inform decisions about programs and resources to improve outcomes for all West Contra Costa students.

The Resolution was submitted by Family Leaders during public comment at the last board meeting on September 20th. Learn more about how parents have been working with WCCUSD decision-makers to co-create this Resolution to improve data systems and practices.

[ALERT #2] 

Also on the agenda at tonight’s board meeting is for our school board members to hear / discuss a presentation from District staff on our students’ SBAC test results in English and Math, officially released statewide last week. Click below to see our review of the quality of data and action steps in the presentation, including the presentation’s strengths and areas for growth. 

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