Our Work in the News: SBAC Scores & Family Leadership

Family Leadership: Our Director of Community Leadership, Maribel, and one of our Family Leaders Program graduates, Lucero, were recently interviewed by Richmond Confidential for an article on West Contra Costa students’ 2016-17 SBAC results in English and Math. The two provided valuable perspectives on the urgent need for improvements in our public schools — especially for historically underserved student groups — and the importance of engaging families as partners and leaders of change.

“A lot of the families whom we work with have said that they want their children to get to college and through college. We know that right now we’re just not preparing our students for that opportunity.”

2017 West Contra Costa Kids Can Report: The article also mentions our second annual report with data and findings on how West Contra Costa students and schools are doing, as well as a set of recommendations for our school district.

When will the Spanish report be available? Stay tuned for a digital release before the end of 2017, and print copies available starting in early January.

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