1/17 Highlights: Call for Full Funding of CA Public Schools

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Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s January 17th Board of Education meeting!

This week, our board members are being recommended to approve a Resolution in support of the California School Boards Association’s campaign calling for full, fair funding of our state’s public schools. In addition, the board is scheduled to review district staff’s recommendation on whether to accept or reject Rocketship San Pablo Elementary’s charter petition and then reach a decision.

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1. Resolution in Support of Full and Fair Funding of California’s Public Schools

Action Item G.4. The California School Boards Association is leading a campaign calling on the state legislature to fund public schools at the national average or higher by 2020, and at a level equal to or higher than the average of the top 10 states by 2025. Our board members are being recommended to approve a Resolution drafted by WCCUSD leaders in support of this campaign.

2. Rocketship San Pablo Charter Petition: District Staff Recommendation and Board Decision

Action Item G.1. On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Rocketship Charter Management Organization submitted a charter petition for a San Pablo school serving Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade students with plans to open in 2019-2020 using a slow growth model that will reach a stated maximum enrollment of 564 students in 2023-24.

The board is scheduled to hear district staff’s findings and recommendations regarding Rocketship’s charter petition, and then make a decision to accept or reject the petition.

District staff are recommending that the board either [1] deny the petition and adopt the findings listed in the staff report, OR [2] approve the petition with the condition that the district and Rocketship negotiate an MOU within the next 30 days to address the concerns raised by staff. The MOU would then come back to the board for final approval.

  • Click here to see district staff’s presentation of findings + recommendations.
  • Click here to view district staff’s full report.
  • Click here to view district staff’s summary review of Rocketship’s charter petition.
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