3/7 Highlights: Mid-Year Progress in Kennedy Family

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Welcome to Board Watch for WCCUSD’s March 7th Board of Education meeting!

This week, our board members are scheduled to: hear a presentation from Partners in School Innovation on the mid-year progress of our Kennedy Family of Schools; take next action steps around the District’s intent to transition from at-large to trustee-area board elections; receive an update presentation on implementation of the recommendations from WCCUSD’s forensic audit; discuss Board of Education committees; and take several next steps regarding bargaining proposals with various labor groups.

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1. Mid-Year Progress Update on Kennedy Family of Schools 

Discussion Item F.1. Partners in School Innovation is scheduled to provide our Board with an update on its work with the Kennedy Family of Schools, which are Kennedy High, DeJean Middle, Coronado, Grant, King, Lincoln, Nystrom, Stege, and Wilson Elementary Schools. According to the Project Summary, the goals of this initiative are to:

  • Build a strong core instructional program
  • Create the systems and structures that foster teachers’ professional learning
  • Strengthen transformational leadership capacity
  • Identify ways district systems can be aligned to support school transformation

DATA IN ACTION // The presentation includes a detailed review of data on how students are doing in reading; the data covers how the Kennedy Family as a whole and individual schools are doing on the STAR Assessment. The presentation also includes key takeaways based on the data, overall accomplishments as of this February, and challenges to address moving forward.

We are encouraged by this level of data collection and sharing, and we hope you’ll dive into the progress by school site, grade level, ethnicity, gender, and ELL status.

Click here to see a previous presentation on this project when introduced last May.

2. Transition From At-Large To Trustee-Area Board Elections 

Action Items G.1, G.2, and G.3. At the last meeting, our Board held a first reading of Resolution No. 64-1718 focused on declaring our District’s intent to transition from at-large to trustee-area board elections. This week, the Board is being recommended to approve the Resolution and take action on additional aspects of the proposed transition.

PUBLIC HEARING (G.2) // A school district seeking this transition must submit an application to the local County Committee on School District Reorganization for approval; upon approval, our state requires an election to approve the change. To avoid the extra costs associated with an election and to ensure timely implementation for the November ballot, the Board will consider seeking a waiver from the State Board of Education for this election requirement and other related requirements. The Board may also wish to consider increasing Board membership from five to seven trustees. At this meeting, the Board invites community input on the aspects of this proposed waiver request.

RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING SUPERINTENDENT TO SEEK WAIVER (G.3) // After considering the public’s input, the Board is scheduled to consider adopting a resolution authorizing the Superintendent to seek a waiver from the State Board of Education regarding the above-mentioned election requirement.

Click here to see Resolution 64-1718 on the Transition From At-Large To Trustee-Area.
Click here to see Resolution 68-1718 Authorizing the Superintendent to Seek a Waiver.

In 2013, Pasadena Unified made this same transition from at-large to trustee-area board elections. Check out this article from Edweek about Pasadena’s transition, including more context on the California Voting Rights Act and associated data + costs.

3. Implementation of Forensic Accounting Investigation Recommendations

Discussion Item F.2. At this meeting, the Board is scheduled to receive a report relating to the implementation of the forensic accounting investigation recommendations. This progress report is in accordance with the Implementation Plan.

The Board accepted the full Phase II Accounting Investigation Report on September 21, 2016. The Phase II report contained 112 recommendations to reduce the District’s level of risk, and improve overall operational and administrative efficiencies. The Board approved an implementation Task Force which meets regularly to review progress.

To date, staff has implemented several of the 112 recommendations. Staff is also working with auditors reviewing WCCUSD’s 2016-17 financial information, bond expenditures, internal controls, and operational efficiencies.

Click here to see the district’s Implementation Plan Update presentation.
Click here to see the Implementation Task Force Matrix.
Click here 
to learn more and find resources on WCCUSD’s Forensic Audit.

4. Labor / Bargaining Updates: West Contra Costa Administrators Association (WCCAA), School Supervisors Association (SSA) / International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) Local 21, Teamsters 856

Action Items G.5, G.6, and G.7. Our Board is scheduled to hold public hearings and adopt initial bargaining proposals for negotiations with WCCAA and SSA / IFPTE Local 21.

Click here to see WCCUSD’s joint initial bargaining proposal with WCCAA.
Click here to see WCCUSD’s proposal to the SSA / IFPTE Local 21.
Click here 
to see the SSA / IFPTE Local 21’s proposal to WCCUSD.

Action Item G.8. Our Board is scheduled to receive public comment on proposed contract changes and salary adjustments before voting to ratify the tentative agreement between WCCUSD and Teamsters 856.

Click here to see the Tentative Agreement with Teamsters Union Local No. 856.

5. Discussion of Board of Education Committees

Discussion Item F.1. Our Board is scheduled to discuss ending the current six month hiatus for the five Board Committees, which are:

  • Facilities
  • Governance
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Academic

The budget implications for this agenda item concern staff time and compensation for participation in committees.

Click here to learn more about committees and subcommittees in WCCUSD.

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