What does AB 104 mean for your high school student? Please share.

With school starting in just under two weeks, we wanted to forward some important information from the district about options provided under new legislation to address your student’s learning recovery needs. This information is particularly relevant to the families of high school students and for those concerned about their child’s readiness for the next grade level. 

The information below is copied directly from WCCUSD’s websitePlease note that the request to change grades to pass/no pass must be in by August 17, 2021.

Letter Grade Changes to Pass/No Pass 

Students enrolled in high school during the 2020-21 school year may apply to have one or more letter grades replaced with a Pass/No Pass Grade on their transcripts.  The new law requires CSU and encourages UC and private postsecondary institutions to accept those grade designations without prejudice.

AB 104 allows families to: 

  • Request to change letter grades A through D to “Pass” by any student

  • Request to change letter grade F “No Pass” by any student

***Changes apply for the Summer, Fall, and Spring of the 20-21 school year

  • No grade-point value will be assigned to Pass/No Pass

Next step for families interested: 

Complete the Grade Change form in Parent Portal or complete this form and return it to your school within 15 days of this notice posting to the District’s website. Here is how to access the Parent Portal.

Student Retention (Repeating a Grade Level)

AB 104 allows families to: 

  • To consult with their student’s school to determine if retention (repeating a grade level) is necessary

Next step for families interested: 

If you would like to explore the retention option for your student, please contact your school to begin the process.

Graduation Requirements

Eligible students should contact their school if interested in graduating under the state minimum requirement option.

Students enrolled in their 3rd or 4th year of high school during the 2020-21 school year and who are not on track to graduate in four years will be provided the opportunity to complete the state graduation requirements to graduate. Options can include but are not limited to a fifth year of instruction or credit recovery. We are in the process of identifying eligible students and will provide more information as it becomes available.

Please note: GO WCC will also be sure to share more information on these options as they become available.

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