Join GO WCC on our College Early & Often journey!

In a world that is constantly evolving, it’s essential to provide our students with the tools and resources they need to successfully navigate their educational journey. GO Public Schools West Contra Costa (WCC) understands this, and they are taking proactive steps to empower students and their families through their “College Early and Often Series.” This series is not just an event; it’s a commitment to supporting the future of our community through nurturing the dreams and aspirations of students and their families.

The inaugural session of the “College Early and Often” series was a heartwarming celebration of family values and dreams. Students of all ages, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and their families gathered for an evening filled with creativity and exploration.

On this memorable evening, families delved into their core values, unearthed their children’s interests and hobbies, and envisioned bright college and career journeys ahead. Together, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, weaving their hopes and dreams into unique family crests.

This session exemplified the power of unity and understanding within families, setting the stage for a collective commitment to students’ future success. It was a beautiful reminder that, together, we can empower our children to reach for the stars.

Building on the success of the first session, GO Public Schools WCC is gearing up for the second installment of the “College Early and Often Series.” This time, the focus is on vocational careers, opening doors to an array of possibilities for our students and their families. The series will consist of three distinct nights, catering to different age groups, ensuring that every student receives the guidance they need to explore their vocational dreams.

  • Grades K-3rd: Tuesday, October 10th, 5 pm-7 pm: Our youngest learners will have the opportunity to step into the world of vocational careers. Through interactive activities and engaging workshops, these students will begin to discover the wonders of various professions. It’s a chance for them to ignite their curiosity and kindle the flames of ambition.
  • Grades 4th-6th: Thursday, October 26th, 5 pm-7 pm: As students transition into elementary and middle school, they will delve deeper into vocational exploration. This evening will provide them with insights into a broader range of career paths and interactive experiences to help them identify their passions and interests.
  • Grades 7th-12th: Tuesday, November 7th, 5 pm-7 pm: For our older students, this session is dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance on vocational education and training. They will gain valuable insights from professionals who have successfully pursued vocational careers, preparing them to make informed decisions about their future.

The “College Early and Often” series is a testament to GO Public Schools WCC’s commitment to empowering students and their families. It recognizes that a successful future begins with a dream, a strong foundation, and a supportive community.

As we look forward to these upcoming sessions, we invite our community to embrace the transformative power of early exploration, unity, and understanding. Together, we can help our students reach their full potential and create a future filled with opportunities, dreams realized, and, most importantly, success born from the values of family and community. To RSVP for any of these opportunities, follow this link and reach out to Briel Pomerantz,, with any questions. 

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