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Christian Sherrill

A Richmond resident, former WCCUSD science teacher and instructional coach, Christian is committed to improving critical outcomes for our students through clear, accountable lines of communication between community members and the school board. He works to ensure that all stakeholders have a spot at the table by carefully covering board meetings for GO.

Posts by Christian Sherrill

5/10 Highlights: Kennedy Family Initiative

The Wednesday, May 10 board meeting was packed with passionate members of our community who were eager to participate in discussions of key issues facing the district.

4/12 Highlights: Coalition Letter on Use of Data

Executive Director Natalie Walchuk presented a letter to the board, co-signed by over 100 community members, from a coalition of 14 community organizations, calling for the board to provide funding in the 17-18 budget for improvements to the district’s central academic data infrastructure.

2/15 Highlights: Mandarin Immersion School

In celebration of Black History Month, the standing-room-only audience at DeJean Middle School kicked off this week’s meeting by watching the Hercules High School dance troupe perform.

11/16 Highlights: Richmond College Prep

Congratulations flags were flying at this week’s board meeting, as we celebrated our schools, board members, and students!

9/21 Highlights: Forensic Audit, LCAP Carryover

At the September 21st meeting, the board approved the Final Phase II Forensic Audit Report and allocated $1.1 million in one-time “carryover” funds to support students through the 2016-17 LCAP.

7/20 Highlights: Parcel Tax, New College Prep Program

At the July 20 meeting, our school board held a public hearing about renewing a revenue-driving parcel tax, and learned about a new partnership between WCCUSD and Contra Costa Community College.

6/29 Highlights: 2016-17 Budget, LCAP

At the June 29 meeting, our school board members discussed an upcoming Budget Transparency Tool, adopted the 2016-2017 Budget, and approved the 2016-17 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

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