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Marc Ampon

Born in Hayward, CA, Marc is a WCCUSD English Teacher and Bay Area native. His interest in education formed early in High School where key teachers guided him away from the pitfalls that often plague low income communities. He went from being 1 credit shy of missing High School graduation to now working on a Masters in Urban Education. He attributes that academic turn around to some amazing teachers, and hopes to create similar positivity in his student's lives. Marc prioritizes giving back to communities much like the one he grew up in; whether in his role as a WCCUSD Teacher or as an Author at GO Public Schools!

Posts by Marc Ampon

3/1 Highlights: Middle School Textbook

At the February 1st Board of Education meeting, our school board reviewed the initial bargaining proposals between the district and the West Contra Costa Administrators Association (WCCAA) and the School Supervisors Association (SSA).

2/1 Highlights: LCAP Goal 5 Update

At the February 1st Board of Education meeting, our school board discussed goals and outcomes from Goal 5 of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) as well as the initial bargaining items between WCCUSD and UTR.

12/7 Highlights: New Board Members

At this week’s meeting, our school board swore in two new members: Tom Panas and Mister Phillips. They also discussed the College Readiness Block Grant and approved a resolution that supports students and families who are undocumented, Muslim, or people of color. 

11/2 Highlights: LCAP Goal 1 Progress Update

At this week’s meeting, our school board members heard from Gold Ribbon winner Kensington Elementary, reviewed progress on Goal 1 of the LCAP, and held a public hearing on Richmond College Prep’s proposed charter revision.

10/5 Highlights: Summer School, Special Education

At the October 5th Board of Education meeting, our school board members heard a presentation on the programs, offerings and data from WCCUSD’s recent 2016 summer school session, and a presentation on the programs and services provided by WCCUSD’s Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

9/7 Highlights: 2015-16 SBAC Test Results

The September 7th Board of Education meeting marked our school board’s first gathering of the 2016-17 school year. The board was presented with an overview of our students’ SBAC test results from 2015-16.

8/10 Highlights: Campaign Contribution Limits

At his first Board of Education meeting on August 10, new Superintendent Matthew Duffy introduced Resolution No. 19-1617 for open discussion between the board and our community members. The board also approved of the College & Career Access Pathways Agreement.

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