Board Watch

Plug in. Join the conversation about how we can work together to expand opportunity for our students.

11/6 GO Board Watch
Welcome to Board Watch for the 11.6.19 Board of Education meeting at Lovonya DeJean Middle School. C.2 Contracts We noted in our last Board Watch … Read More
Welcome to Board Watch: School Board 101

Our school board is a local group of elected individuals that works in partnership with our community to improve public schools. Learn how to get involved with WCCUSD school board meetings.

9/26 GO Board Watch en Español
1. Criterio Provisional de Reclasificación de Estudiantes de Inglés 2018-2019 Item G.4. Las leyes estatales y federales requieren que las agencias educativas locales administren una… Read More
4/25 Highlights: Family Leaders Call Board to Action

This week, our board members are scheduled to approve the new position of Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to replace the current position of Associate Superintendent of Pre K-Adult Educational Services.

4/11 Highlights: Recommended Contract Approval

This week, our board members are scheduled to approve a contract for reading and writing support services at Madera, Bayview, and Dover.

3/21 Highlights: Calling on WCCUSD to Fulfill Commitments to Public Data Reporting

This week, our board members are scheduled to reconsider Resolution No. 64-1718: Intent to Transition from At-Large to Trustee-Area Board Elections.

3/7 Highlights: Mid-Year Progress in Kennedy Family

This week, our board members are scheduled to hear a presentation from Partners in School Innovation on the mid-year progress of our Kennedy Family of Schools.

2/28 Highlights: From At-Large to Trustee-Area Board Elections

This week, our board members are scheduled to further discuss the possibility of placing a new parcel tax on the November ballot.

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