Show Your Support For College-Going Dreams in West Contra Costa

I dream of a day where all young people have the opportunity to select their path after graduation. I ask the district to partner with the community on the team’s proposed next steps.
To give our students the opportunity to shape their futures and achieve success in life, we need to ensure that each high school diploma from West Contra Costa Unified School District truly opens up a door to college and career.




GO West Contra Costa’s College Readiness Study Team – comprised of local teachers, parents, community partners, and GO staff – dedicated over 300 hours to research and meetings, with the goal of identifying potential pathways to change the current data we see in WCCUSD and the barriers our students experience around college readiness and college eligibility.



Driven by the community’s desire to see more young people have opportunities to thrive, and Superintendent Duffy’s prioritization of increased College Readiness rates, as measured by A-G eligibility, by 2022, the study team crafted the proposed next steps:
1. The district College and Career Pathways Team publicly release their analysis of the current state of college eligibility, and the obstacles and opportunities to improve outcomes. This should include course offerings, master schedule limitations, course remediation, D/F analysis, issues of equity and access, etc.
2. Executive Directors of Multilingual and Multicultural Services, Special Education, Teaching, Learning and Leading, and College and Career Pathways partner with our College Readiness Study Team and other concerned community partners, to design a clearly articulated pathway for all students to graduate college eligible. This process would capitalize on the varied expertise and perspectives of team members to work to find solutions to meet all of our students’ needs.
3. District staff develop a proposal and financial analysis of what it would cost to help all students achieve A-G eligibility, including additional need for summer school, online courses, and instructional blocks to support all students to achieve a “C” or better in all A-G courses.
4. District staff explore developing capacity to centrally track student-by-student course assignments and progress to meet graduation requirements. (San Diego Unified has built this infrastructure and could be a model.)

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