Why I GO

"I'm really proud of myself at school when I do math. When hard stuff comes, I use my brain and I get them all right."

Jeremiah, Richmond 1st Grader

Why I GO

"I want our students to thrive so that they can lead successful lives, become productive citizens, and break the cycles of poverty and violence."

Raquel, WCCUSD Graduate

Why I GO

"I want to go to college so I can get a good education and get a job. I want to be a good student that is safe, respectful and responsible."

Kaden, Richmond 1st Grader

Why I GO

"School is important because you learn a lot in math and reading, and it's fun. I love learning science the most!"

Jazmin, Richmond 1st Grader

Why I GO

"Sign up for our e-mail list to get action alerts! We want to ensure that you can access information to support each and every kid in our community."

Natalie, Executive Director

Why I GO

"The best thing about receiving a good education is that when you have it, life won't be hard anymore."

Seth, Future History Teacher


We inform, organize, and develop leaders to ensure every child in our community receives a quality education.

Happening Now

Must-know information to shape and lead the path forward for our children.

Board Watch

Our school district's board meeting discussions and decisions made clear.

Updates from GO

Sharing the latest news, notes and perspectives from our growing team.

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