Why I GO
In today's time, success in the public school system depends on the amount of resources students have access to receive. We need to find solutions to eliminate the disconnect as to why education inequality exists. Children are the future and we have a great opportunity to make positive impacts.
Ja’nee Miskell

Ja’nee Miskell

Coordinator of Communications and Operations

Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Ja’nee attended public schools all her life and considers herself lucky to have been part of a K-12 system that went above and beyond in providing resources for students to be successful. Ja’nee understands that advocating for those resources was essential to her growth, and believers it is her turn to advocate for the next generation to receive the education they deserve.

While finishing her undergraduate degree, Ja’nee was presented with the opportunity to work with children with autism as a special projects intern. While in her internship, Ja’nee learned logistics and project planning and knew she wanted to continue to have a positive impact on children while working on the operations side of an organization. In her new role, Ja’nee is excited to both expand on her operations experience and develop a new skillset as GO WCC’s storyteller. 

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