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College-Going Dreams in West Contra Costa
Over the past two years we have held hundreds of meetings with families, educators, community partners, and youth. The one theme we hear universally is… Read More
Family Leaders Demand Action at State Capitol
Our family leaders traveled to the California Department of Education and reminded the State Board of Education that parent voices cannot be left out of… Read More
4/25 Highlights: Family Leaders Call Board to Action

This week, our board members are scheduled to approve the new position of Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to replace the current position of Associate Superintendent of Pre K-Adult Educational Services.

4/11 Highlights: Recommended Contract Approval

This week, our board members are scheduled to approve a contract for reading and writing support services at Madera, Bayview, and Dover.

3/21 Highlights: Calling on WCCUSD to Fulfill Commitments to Public Data Reporting

This week, our board members are scheduled to reconsider Resolution No. 64-1718: Intent to Transition from At-Large to Trustee-Area Board Elections.

Our Data Rubric is now available in Spanish!

Su objetivo es servir de guía para ayudar a los líderes del distrito en sus esfuerzos de transformar la forma en que se utilizan los datos para mejorar los resultados de los estudiantes.

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