Why I GO
I GO because every student -- every person -- deserves dignity, joy, and success.
Tiffany Kang

Tiffany Kang

Communications Manager

Tiffany believes in the power of language to change landscapes and lives. As Communications Manager, she is GO WCC’s primary storyteller — responsible for sharing and evolving local narratives to support meaningful change. A daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and a past campus organizer, Tiffany is grounded in service of students, families, and communities of all colors. She brings to GO a background in journalism, public relations, urban performing arts (spoken word), and communications in the agency, nonprofit, and social service sectors. Tiffany studied Creative Writing, Urban Studies, and Music at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Cambridge. Her work has appeared in The Sacramento Bee, Oakland Business Review, Philadelphia Magazine, Asian Arts Initiative, and Metro New York, among others.

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