Dear parents, don’t forget to take care of yourselves.

We asked you to share how you were supporting your family’s mental health and wellness during these challenging times, and you answered.


Long walks with the dog. // Largas caminatas con mi perro.”


Baños de ducha 30/minutos 1 hora con música es muy relajante a mis hijos les ha servido. // 30 minute-1 hour baths with music is very relaxing and has worked for my children.”


“Que tenemos que pensar en todo lo positivo que este año nos adejado y como nos ha enseñado a valorar la salud y la familia. // We have to think about all the positive things that this year has left us and how it has taught us to value health and family.”


“Taking a walk with the whole family around the neighborhood for at least 15 mins going and 15 mins coming back home. And coming home to a good caldo de pollo con fideos is a plus. // Dar un paseo con toda la familia por el vecindario durante al menos 15 minutos de ida y 15 minutos de regreso a casa. Y volver a casa con un buen caldo de pollo con fideos es una ventaja.”


Disconnecting from electronics 100% to refresh your brain. // Desconectarse de la electrónica al 100% para refrescar su cerebro.”


“Bueno a mi familia nos a funcionado el área de jardinería, la actividad la realizamos por las tardes, esto nos hace planear que vamos a hacer cada temporada y que tipo de semillas vamos a sembrar es todo un proceso desde el grano, cuidado y crecimiento de ahí surge todo tipo de interacción entre padres e hijos, esta actividad te regala todo tipo de enseñanza, desarrollo y crecimiento familiar. // Well gardening has worked for my family, we do this activity in the afternoon, this makes us plan what we are going to do each season and what type of seeds we are going to sow, it is a whole process from the grain, care and growth from there arise all kinds of interaction between parents and children, this activity gives you all kinds of teaching, development and family growth.” 


En mi familia practicamos el amor y la pasciencia, platicamos de lo que sucede en la actualidad y nuestros miedos para liberarlos y dar os cuenta que siempre hay una solución. También creamos actividades para poder dejar las redes sociales y tecnología de lado y poder tener momentos en familia. // In my family we practice love and patience, we talk about what is happening today and our fears to free them and realize that there is always a solution. We also create activities to put social networks and technology aside and have family moments.”


This year has challenged us all — students, parents, educators, school and community leaders alike. When we first decided to launch our parent wellness series, it was important to us to share the many struggles and learnings we’ve had as parents trying to navigate this new normal with our own children. Ultimately it is our hope that after reading our blogs below you are inspired to try something new to support your family’s wellbeing during these times. At the very least, we hope you are reminded to take the time you need to make sure your own mental health and wellness needs are met. 

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