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From the Desk of Sheila Ramirez

“In my role I look forward to working alongside parents to support their leadership so they in turn feel empowered to be leaders of change for all of our kids.”

From the Desk of Erika Ruiz Rodriguez
To Our West Contra Costa Community: I’m very excited to be the newest member of the GO Public Schools West Contra Costa Team. I am… Read More
Op-ed: Must bridge racial divide in our schools

In the East Bay Times, our Executive Director Natalie Walchuk and Leadership Council member Dr. Shantina Jackson call our community to action around transforming outcomes for our Black youth.

Perspectives: Why Create GO WCC?

As a group of WCC natives, graduates of local schools, parents, grandparents, former classroom teachers, and school leaders — both district-run and charter — we gathered to share our stories and experiences.

Get Your Summer On!

Robert Bunce, Program Director at the West Contra Costa Public Education Fund, on how you can find the right activity or program for your child this summer. Check out the Ed Fund’s Get Your Summer On! summer activity guide.

From the Desk of Maribel Lopez
To Our West Contra Costa Community: I am so excited to join GO Public Schools West Contra Costa’s team as Director of Community Leadership. It… Read More
From the Desk of Richard Pelayo

As we move forward in this work, my team and I will be grounded in a core belief: Kids do not have the power to change the conditions they’re brought into. It’s our responsibility, as adults, to work together and create conditions for every student to lead a great life.

Our Community: John Z.
“There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by working together. I have seen this truth every single day working in the schools of West… Read More
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