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Ensuring Equitable Access to All Public Schools

Last month, the ACLU and Public Advocates released an important report identifying ways that California charter schools provide limited access for some families. Unequal Access: How Some California Charter Schools Illegally Restrict Enrollment reviewed public websites and documents to find issues at 253 of California’s 1,200 charter public schools in five key areas.

Report to Read: “Black Minds Matter”

The Education Trust – West recently published Black Minds Matter, a report detailing and proposing solutions to the achievement gap facing California’s nearly 1 million Black students.

Report to Read: “Ready or Not”

Families in Schools recently published “Ready or Not: How CA School Districts are Reimagining Parent Engagement in the Era of LCFF,” a report which draws on interviews with district leaders and staff members throughout California to explore challenges and the path forward for parent engagement.

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