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4/25 Highlights: Family Leaders Call Board to Action

This week, our board members are scheduled to approve the new position of Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to replace the current position of Associate Superintendent of Pre K-Adult Educational Services.

5/24 Highlights: Willful Defiance Suspensions

At the May 24th Board of Education meeting, our board members discussed updates to the 2017-18 LCAP and the topic of suspensions based on willful defiance.

10/5 Highlights: Summer School, Special Education

At the October 5th Board of Education meeting, our school board members heard a presentation on the programs, offerings and data from WCCUSD’s recent 2016 summer school session, and a presentation on the programs and services provided by WCCUSD’s Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

5/25 Highlights: Special Education Service & Budget

At the May 25 meeting, our board once again took time to celebrate and honor students, and also heard from the district’s Special Education department regarding its annual budget and service plans.

White House Initiative for Title I & Special Education Teachers

The White House’s Open eBooks App offers $250M in free books to Title I, military base, and special education teachers and librarians nationwide.

Special Education in WCCUSD

WCCUSD provides special education programs beginning at birth and, in some cases, up to age 22. Your child’s special education program is created by an IEP team — of which you’re an important member. 

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