West Contra Costa Kids Can 2016

First Annual Student Outcomes Report

From Cradle-to-Career / Pre-K through 12th Grade


Our first annual student progress report features findings on our youth’s Pre-Kindergarten – 12th Grade outcomes. Organized based on the cradle-to-career timeline, the report looks at specific moments across our students’ journeys from early childhood through adolescence into adulthood. Many communities use similar frameworks to align efforts among health, social, and employment services to best meet young people’s needs at all stages of development.

The report focuses on data regarding West Contra Costa Unified School District, in addition to data on the 12 charter schools in our neighborhoods.

We created West Contra Costa Kids Can based on the belief that our community’s wisdom and leadership are the most powerful levers in creating positive change for youth. We hope that this report honors and builds on the shared impact that families, educators, and advocates like you have already made in service of students.


— Matthew Duffy, WCCUSD Superintendent of Schools

The goals of the report are to:

  • Provide baseline measures about the performance & progress of our students & schools
  • Inspire alignment, action, and data-driven decision-making in support of all students
  • Highlight the need to prioritize resources and access to educational opportunities for our historically underserved youth (low income students, students of color, English Learners)

Please use this report as a tool to support our new superintendent, school board members, and teacher’s union to shape plans and allocate resources in the 2017-18 school year budget to effectively serve West Contra Costa students.

Data Preview

The majority of West Contra Costa’s students come from historically underserved backgrounds.

Vulnerable students make up most of the total student population in both our district-run and charter schools. Students from these backgrounds often experience and have historically experienced gaps in academic achievement and life opportunities. 

3rd graders in West Contra Costa from low income households met/exceeded English standards at lower rates than their non-low income peers during the 2015-16 school year.

Our Black and Latino students experienced the widest gaps in reading achievement.



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